so one fine morning, CHAPPY stood up,

rubbed his eyes and wondered why

"good" food tasted so bad and "bad"

foods tasted so yummy!

CHAPPY is a hustler. He demanded that

"good" food should be able to BLOW.

HIS.MIND. (thanks BuzzFeed, for this

matchless phrase).

CHAPPY visited everywhere for the best quality of ingredients. Spices, herbs,

fruits, vegetables full of dairy nutrition, proteins, vitamins -- he wanted just the

best of them all and he DID NOT STOP till he squeezed all of them in one giant


CHAPPY began his magic machine and started handling the controls

because he wants to ensure that his mixture remains pure, unadulterated

joy when it is finally out of the magic machine!

Preserving the nutrition value and retaining the flavour ain't easy.

Until now!

Behold-- you now hold a beverage that is made from the choicest of

ingredients, selected from the best of sources, passing the most strin-

gent quality checks, the most meticulosly maintained process!